How PhD can give you edge over others?

Posted By Kalpesh Banker On Tuesday, December 20th, 2011 With 0 Comments

Edge #1: A PhD degree will strengthen your research skills

When you undertake a PhD degree, you will need to submit a dissertation or thesis which is worthy of publication. It usually contains research on a particular topic of expertise and is based on original research which is up for scrutiny. Due to this nature and depth of study required, PhD students have a high level of analytical skills which are vital in any form of research and development. Many research houses are in dire need of such research-oriented minds, and PhDs are given the red carpet treatment over the rest.

Edge #2: A PhD is the highest level of specialization

A UG degree follows after 10+2. A PG or a Masters degree follows after a UG degree. At this point, you would have gained sufficient expertise and specialization in a field. However, if you want to gain the ultimate level of specialization in a particular field, there is no other degree than the PhD that will be fit for your motive. If your Masters in Computer Application was tough enough, imagine what it’d be like to do a PhD and back it up with a phenomenal thesis? Our brains can’t even relate to that level of specialization, but if yours do, you are PhD material.

Edge #3: Nothing can pump your resume like a PhD

Diploma, certificate courses, UG degrees, PG degrees or specializations. You can do what you want, but you can be rest assured that no other degree will pump and boost your resume the way a PhD does. It is the ultimate feather in your cap which will give you a clear edge over the masses.

Edge #4: With a PhD degree, you can negotiate for better pay packages

Highest level of specialization, highest level of academic research, strong analytical skills, independent research abilities, best resume and most knowledgeable. That’s a PhD. Do we really need to tell you that you will attract higher pay packages than the rest? It’s not rocket science. However, don’t get starry eyed too soon because you will need to back your PhD degree with a solid personality and presentational skills to get that top job.

Edge #5: With a PhD, your research can add value

India has now become home to research houses for many IT, pharmaceutical and other industries. Many big companies like IBM, Microsoft, Sun Pharma, etc have set up massive R&D centres in India. Companies with R&D centres will constantly be on the lookout for PhD graduates who can indulge into research and be the founder of their next ground-breaking product or innovation.