VC Selection Norms Tightened

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mhrd-logoThe procedure for appointment of Vice Chancellors (VCs) in Central universities has been tightened by the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD).

According to new norms, the members of the search-cum-selection committee for appointment of VC in a particular university cannot be a candidate for the top post there.

The decision is important as many of the members of the Executive Council (E-C) are among the probable candidates competing for the top post in the Allahabad University, or for that matter any other Central university of the country. The MHRD deputy secretary Surat Singh has informed All the VCs of Central universities by sending a letter.

The VC of Central University, being the ex-officio chairman of the EC, presides over its meetings, says the MHRD note. According to the letter, “As per the present practice, the vice chancellor and other member(s) of EC, who participate in the meetings of EC wherein the nominees of EC are decided for the search committee for appointment of vice-chancellor, also apply, at times, for the post of vice-chancellor of the same Central University. This is not a healthy and ethical practice and it cannot be denied that it involves conflict of interest.”

The order coveys that in order to avoid this “conflict of interest”, it has been decided that the vice-chancellor who is an aspirant to be the vice-chancellor for the second term or any other member(s) of EC who intends to be a candidate for the post of vice-chancellor, as may be the case, will recuse themselves and will not participate in the meeting of the EC during the discussion of the agenda item wherein the nominees of EC are to be selected for the search committee for appointment of the VC.