VCs from India, B’desh and SLanka to create seamless exchange programmes

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DSC_0103Vice – Chancellors from 11 universities from South Asia got together in a roundtable with Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) of UK, to create a blueprint for the next level of ‘internationalisation’ of university campuses.

The discussions at the round table focussed on sharing the experience of ‘internationalisation’ and encouraged the participating VCs to articulate their thoughts on how they could leverage this formidable roundtable to further their interests.

The roundtable was unanimous in the need for more ‘internationalisation’ of universities, and explored innovative options for student and faculty exchange at various levels. This included frontier level research in fields like Renewable Energy, Global Sustainability, Breast Cancer, Biomedical devices, Water, and Surgery.

Summing up the discussions Prof Michael Thorne, Vice Chancellor, ARU offered to send quality research fellows from Anglia Ruskin University for industry-backed research to the universities of South Asia.

“Listening to you today, one of the things that we are very keen to do is to get more undergraduates interested in research,” noted Prof Thorne.

“The idea that, when our students finish their second year exams and before they start their final year in the UK they could come and do work in a research team, would be very interesting for us. I think quite a few students would be interested in that,” he said.

As a pre-cursor to the South Asia Roundtable (SAR), Anglia Ruskin University had signed an MoU with Galgotias University in Greater Noida.  As per the press statement issued, this would bring down the cost of an accredited Engineering undergraduate programme from nearly 55 Lakhs to 8 Lakhs; making it more affordable for many more Indian students.