Published On: Thu, May 9th, 2013

Unicef’s C4D course at Xavier’s Institute of Communication

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Unicef'sMUMBAI: Xavier’s Institute of Communication will offer a formal post-graduate diploma course in C4D. Possibly, it may be the first course of its kind being offered in India. In recent years, we have witnessed a number of public awareness campaigns.Where C4D differs from these is that it is communication about development and not merely
about awareness generation. In this context, UNICEF in collaboration with nine media schools has developed a curriculum framework for C4D Course in India. The modules were developed through a series of consultations with selected media schools.

Its aim is sharply focussed: C4D will inform citizens about development, but it will equally aim to create a grassroots, democratic dialogue about development in which citizens will have more
than a consultative role; in fact, they will have a co-creative role.

The C4D course will teach the skills involved in public service advertising, journalistic writing, documentary film-making and screenwriting for television – an expansive bouquet of skill sets. But the theory part of the C4D course will have a singular focus: to study development.

The C4D students will learn about the history and current realities of development both in India and abroad. It will also describe the historical aims of development, its current beneficiaries and areas of discontent. Armed with this focussed theoretical perspective, the C4D student will be able to communicate with concerned communities about development and will be able to help them define development for themselves.

A C4D professional’s skills will be suited for work in advertising agencies (which have government or development-related clients). There will also be a felt need of some specialisations in journalism or TV programming, as well as non-governmental organisations (NGOs). The XIC C4D Course will be a fifteen-month full-time course, commencing in July. Graduates from any discipline are eligible.