President calls universities to change the way education is being imparted

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President CallsWe have the capability to take at least a few of our academic institutions into the global top league. But for that, we have to change the way education is imparted in our higher educational institutions, said President of India, Pranab Mukherjee.

“A culture of excellence should be embedded in our thought process. Every university should identify one department that can be developed into a Centre of Excellence. I call upon the Central universities to take the lead in this transformation,” he added.

Citing importance of innovation for the growth of the nation, he said, “Innovation is the key to progress and prosperity. The process of innovation converts knowledge into social good and economic wealth. It breeds a culture of deep thought and brings in poise, balance and discernment in behaviour. It encourages the engagement of young talent with the society to improve the quality of life.”

 “I congratulate the Nagaland University for organising this Innovators’ Exhibition. This is a pioneering initiative which recognizes the creative and innovative talent at the grassroots and links it to the formal education system,” he said after inaugurating innovation exhibition and interaction with innovators at Nagaland University.

The President said, “I call upon the University to strengthen this linkage and extend it to various institutes of science and technology in the region. This will enable the innovators to establish the technology for commercial use. The next step should be to develop a marketing strategy to attract entrepreneurs and investors.”

The President congratulated all the innovators who participated in the exhibition. “I call upon the faculty and students of the University to search, spread, sense and celebrate innovations in the region. Let this be the beginning of a festival of innovations in our country,” he added.