Yale University: Programmes for Indian Parliamentarians

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Yale University conducted the Sixth India – Yale Parliamentary Leadership Program. The objective was to discuss on various issues related to fragile global economy, the evolving political and economic crises in the Middle East and Europe, the US presidential elections 2012 along with the challenges of leadership. The programme was launched in 2007 in collaboration with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the India -US Forum of Parliamentarians. Till now, more than seventy members of India’s parliament have participated in the programme.

According to the senior officials of the US government, a group of 11 members of India’s parliament went to the Yale University campus in New Haven, Connecticut to complete a six-day leadership program with Yale faculty that is now being be complemented by a four-day program of meetings, discussions, and interactions in Washington. The participants were drawn from seven different national and regional political parties in India.

The delegation participated in discussions with faculty on global economic governance, the US economy, corruption in government, counter-insurgency efforts in Afghanistan, political developments in the Arab world, the US Presidential elections, the economic and political crises in the Eurozone.

Apart from the above, Iran’s nuclear program, political and economic developments in China, and higher education in India, along with sessions on leadership, strategy, negotiation, and applied game theory also became the part of discussion.