Training is Essential

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Almost 90 percent of India’s youth are suffering from DWJ-JWD syndrome i.e. Degree without Jobs and Jobs without Degree. There is an urgent need to address this problem across industries. According to Sunil K Chaturvedi, CEO, Automotive Skill Development Council (ASDC) the focus should be on the skill gap in the various sectors. India today is in a transitive phase. As far as higher education is concerned the government is looking to partner with the industry, so that latest expected skill levels are met and the auto companies, SMEs and dealers can get ready-to-start employees. Different companies will have to start participating in training modules that are standardised and meet basic industry criteria.

ASDCsĀ  objective is to bring in some standardised curriculum and practices through which all the technical institutes such as ITIs, automobile engineering diploma programmes and company-run training modules can be carried on one platform, with everyone implementing these standardised procedures. The course structure will be a two-year modular approach, and will focus on special areas such as equipping students to be service technicians, mechanist drivers etc. The biggest challenge is to create awareness about the courses and the benefits of certification among the youth workers, SME segments and automotive dealers. They need to understand that the small investment of their time and money would produce huge returns.Furthermore, the course module has been designed as per industry needs and has been launched as a government-industry partnership. The certification will come from government recognised sources. Many of the big companies such as Toyota, Bosch, Mahindra and Mahindra, Honda, Hundai and others are part of it.