Published On: Mon, Jun 11th, 2012

Best Colleges of India: India Today

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India Today first launched its Best Colleges Survey and Rankings in 1997. Over the years, there has been a lot of change in the Indian higher education sector. The number of colleges has increased from around 9,500 to 30,000. The number of students enrolling for a college education has risen from 5.5 million to 16.9 million. In 1997, India Today wrote about the crisis in higher education. In 2012, the ongoing arguments on the new system of entrance exams for engineering colleges including the IITs has again exposed the higher education horizon to the threatening clouds. While the number of colleges and universities has increased with time, the country still does not have enough quality institutions of the potential of the IITs or of standards of St. Stephen’s College in Delhi, Lady Shri Ram College in Delhi, Shri Ram College of Commerce in Delhi, Presidency College in Kolkata, Loyola College in Chennai and St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai, to cater to the aspirations of the youth. These colleges and a handful of others have dominated the rankings over the last 15 years. In 2012, the Best Colleges Survey and Rankings has been prolonged.







Mass Comm.    


Fine Arts           

The survey includes five various streams i.e. Arts, Science, Commerce, Engineering, Medicine, Law, BBA, BCA, Mass Communication and Journalism, Fine Arts and Fashion Technology. Two decades after liberalisation, there is a growing demand for newer professional degrees which enable the youth to find lucrative jobs. The diversification of choices in higher education is an opportunity for new institutions to show their mark. Further, new institutions for BBA and BCA have made their presence felt in the 2012 rankings. Younger institutions tend to be more nimble than their older counterparts and are quick to adapt to demand for new courses.