Sports University in Assam

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Assam has planned to set up a sports university in order to promote sports and physical education in the state. The plan for the university was announced by Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi, who emphasised the importance of incorporating sports into the educational curriculum to ensure the overall development of the personality of youths and students, and to enable them to adapt to changing requirements.

According to Gogoi , “We are planning to set up a sports university, keeping in view the immense importance of games and sports in inculcating self-discipline, competitive spirit and self-confidence”. The sports university, being planned by the government, is likely to give a boost to sports training, sports education and research in the Northeast.Gogoi said that the government was laying greater emphasis on holistic education, which is in tune with the times. He added that new subjects that are in demand amongst students will have to be introduced by universities and colleges in the state. “New concepts have to emerge and outdated ones have to go out in the field of education. A sense of dynamism has to be infused into the education system to usher in a new dawn,” added Gogoi.

As per the sources, government official said that the sports university is likely to offer degrees and diploma courses in sports management, physiotherapy and sports medicine. Sports in Assam started receiving attention after the state hosted the National Games in 2007 and saw its players excel in many segments. Two state players – Jayanta Talukdar in archery and Shiva Thapa in boxing –also represented the country in London Olympics earlier this year, which has further pushed the state government to take steps to promote new talent in the state.