Published On: Wed, Jun 13th, 2012

Teacher’s Evaluation by Students

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In Indian Education System, it has been a standard norm that students are evaluated by the teachers.  But now, the West Bengal Higher Education Council stated that, the students will get a scope to register their views on the teachers’ performance. The Council wants the state aided universities and their affiliated colleges to introduce this system as a part of teacher evaluation.The current idea of teachers’ evaluation has been debated in Indian universities for over a decade. The University Grant Commission (UGC) floated the proposal as part of an objective assessment of teachers and work out indices for their self-development among others. However, the proposal has been post-poned so far based on apprehensions that it might lead to fake results as students are not mature enough to judge the quality of teachers. Some teachers fear that in a highly unionized atmosphere students may give adverse ratings to teachers belonging to rival political affiliation.

Sugata Marjjit, Chairman of the Council, in his letter to Vice-Chancellor’s (VCs), had instructed the institutes of higher learning to take the initiative to optimize the existing teaching resources. He wants the VCs and senior teachers to take the lead role in introducing the system without delay. Marjit, however, doesn’t move by this logic. The margin of error in judging the teacher’s ability by students should not be taken as an excuse to give the benefit of doubt to teachers alone. He also ruled out the chances of political victimization. The Council has received suggestions from quite a few education experts, teachers and heads of institutions who want the system introduced in universities and colleges. One such proposal in this connection is to develop an evaluation form to be distributed among final-year students containing some basic questions. For instance, a student may be asked whether the teacher is a regular in classroom, whether he is accessible outside the classroom or how far the student has benefited from his lecture. The only focus is on student welfare. The evaluation, though not ultimate, can throw light on the teacher’s teaching ability that has not been given due attention. The next step could be to utilise the data base in order to evaluate the teacher’s output, he added.