Published On: Sat, May 26th, 2012

National Eligibility Test: Retained or Abolished

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National Eligibility Test, a criterion that confirms the eligibility for anyone to become lecturer has again entered the category of a debatable topic. There has been a strong opposition by All India Federation of University and College Teachers’ Organisation (AIFUCTO) to abolishing the National Eligibility Test (NET). The organization is of the view that this test improves the standard of teaching in the country. The government should rethink on some of its provisions instead of abolishing it all together, to check the discrepancies in its smooth and effective implementation.

Ashok Kumar Barman, the General Secretary of AIFUCTO supported the exemption from NET for MPhil and PhD qualified teachers. The organization has already indicated to the regulatory bodies certain issues. If these are resolved, it would make the NET efficient. But an attempt to do away with the test will only increase corruption in recruitment and lower the quality of teaching. Some other issues which have gained attention are impending Foreign Universities’ Bills, which aims at commercializing higher education and weakening the public-funded system. He remarked that no good university will open shop here. It will only bring useless institutions.

Putting across his views on the retirement age of the teachers, he said that we had appealed to the state government to increase the retirement age of teachers from 58 to 65 years, with reference the demand and supply gap in the education industry. At the same time the government should create more posts to ensure that employment opportunities for youngsters should not be affected by the move.