Published On: Tue, May 29th, 2012

Higher Education Demands Changes

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Changes in life are inevitable. If we don’t change, we can become extinct. A well known law of nature states that one who accepts them and changes with them is the one who succeeds in life. This aspect of change is applicable in every area of society and education covers a major portion of it. Addressing the importance of change in the higher education system in India, former VC of University of Agricultural Sciences, Prof. S Bisalaiah warned against the dire consequences, if India’s higher education system did not adapt to changes. He expressed a serious concern towards a lack of visionary map for higher education while delivering a lecture on ‘Higher Education at Crossroads- Concerns and Needed Reforms’ organised by Samvaada Trust.  He stressed the need to review a number of processes like curriculum, teaching, learning, recruitment and reward systems and networking between universities and industries, which were the search areas for higher education.

Prof Bisalaiah, an economist, remarked that we do not know where it is going. It is an island of excellence, but a sea of substandard higher education institutions. It needs introspection. A shift in the movement from teaching oriented education system to learning oriented education system is the need of an hour. Students should not be treated like animals by imposing everything on them, he adds. Also, a change in the reward systems for faculty members is also recommended. It must be based on quality rather than experience alone. Some of the grey areas highlighted by him were intellectual stagnation due to academic disturbances, privatization of education rather than globalization of higher education and import of education instead draining of intelligent brains from India.