Published On: Sat, Jul 28th, 2012

Kapil Sibal inaugrates Anti-Ragging web-portal by UGC

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Kapil Sibal, Union Minister for Human Resource and Development has inaugurated the Anti-Ragging Web Portal in Delhi. The portal is developed by University Grants Commission (UGC) in collaboration with Ed.CIL (India) Ltd. and Planet E-Com Solutions.

The Web Portal would serve as a medium of managing complaints, follow up of complaints and escalation of unresolved complaints to regulatory authorities, enhanced communication with colleges and universities, developing various kinds of data sets, displaying status of complaints, displaying various kinds of reports, development of various data sets etc. The move comes after Supreme Court has ordered the Ministry to take immediate measures to curb increasing incidences of ragging in educational institutions. A ragging prevention programme comprising, inter-alia, setting up Toll-free Anti-Ragging Helpline /Call Centre, Database of institutions/students, engaging an independent non-government agency was proposed.

According to the sources, the government set up toll-free anti-ragging helpline/call center. The database has to be created out of the affidavits affirmed by students/parents, and to be stored electronically. Such database shall also function as a record of complaint received and the action taken. All calls received by Anti-ragging Helpline (18001805522) will be managed and followed up in a structured software system. Customized E-mail Management systems of the Call Centre. Complaints follow up, log creation and display system on the web will take place. Students can see the progress of their complaint any time on

The anti ragging affidavits for the same, can be downloaded by students from