Published On: Thu, Jun 28th, 2012

A Compromise Formula for IIT Entrance

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The ongoing discussion between IITs and Human Resource Development Ministry has ended. Finally, both the parties have agreed to a compromise formula at IIT Council’s meeting held in Delhi. In the new format, there will be two parts (main and advanced) of the entrance exam, as opposed to the single test proposed by the ministry. The new pattern will be implemented from 2013.

The main test will stand equivalent to the All India Engineering Entrance Test standards and 1.5 lakh candidates will be shortlisted from this test for the advanced test. To take admission to IITs, a candidate will be judged on his/her performance in the advanced test and whether he/she is among the top 20% scorers of his/her respective board. These top 20% will be decided based on their individual board’s aggregate performance.

Devang Khakhar, IIT-B Director said, considering that the candidates appearing for the advanced test will have to be shortlisted from the main test, there will be sufficient time between the two. Earlier, IIT aspirants needed a score of above 60% in their board exams. Now, as they need to be among the top 20% in their respective boards, they will have to score much more in their board exams. The JAB is expected to release the specifications of the test, which includes dates for main and advanced, in August. IIT-Delhi and Kanpur, who opposed the single entrance test and announced their own entrance exam, is likely to take back their decision.