New Courses on Financial and Stock Markets

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To promote financial literacy in India, MCX Stock Exchange (MCX-SX) has tied up with New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) to offer NYIF’s programmes in the country. With this, the war between different stock exchanges for attracting investors has moved beyond the stock market. The National Stock Exchange (NSE) launched two postgraduate courses in financial markets, MCX Stock Exchange (MCXSX) has partnered with New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) to offer NYIF’s core financial market-related courses in India. At the initial stage, NYIF’s 24 online and certification programmes including e-learning courses on fundamentals of the securities industry, equities, derivative instruments, fixed income securities, forwards and futures, mutual funds etc. and certification courses on derivatives, portfolio management will be offered.

U Venkataraman, executive director, MCX-SX, says that turbulent financial markets make it essential for individual investors to enter and exit the markets cautiously. Financial courses enable investors to make intelligent investment decisions by increasing their knowledge about select traded asset classes and valuing the positions of these assets while teaching them to manage risks. In addition to it, John Avino of NYIF said that, for years, individual investors have relied solely on opinions and information provided to them by their investment representatives. It is now more important than ever that they have access to a broader base of information, and the solid financial knowledge provided by our 177 hours of online training will empower those investors to become increasingly active members of their investment teams.

Venkataraman informs, depending on the courses they wish to enroll for, students can gain practical exposure that can vary from risk management to portfolio management and from functioning of derivative markets to management of derivative positions. Courses offered cover a diverse spectrum of educational needs of financial market participants, employees of financial institutions participating in financial markets, financial advisors, risk managers, etc. Learners can advance from the basics to higher level courses through the e-learning mode. After having completed these programmes, students can look to be employed in various investment, risk management, financial market advisory and consultancy roles. They can choose a combination of topics they wish to learn depending on their needs. Those enrolled for the NYIF courses through MCXSX can choose to go through the contents and sit for the final online examination at their own convenience.Students can register for NYIF’s courses through MCX-SX. All registered users, who successfully complete a course, will receive a certificate from NYIF.