Published On: Tue, Sep 25th, 2012

Sibal Blames Opposition for lack of Progress in Educational Reforms

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Kapil Sibal

Kapil Sibal has blamed the Opposition for lack of progress in structural and administrative reforms in the education sector. It  is responsible for “paralysis” of decision-making process. There are as many as 14 education bills that are pending in Parliament.

According to Sibal, “In the event the Opposition parties continue to stall these very significant legislations, I do believe they are harming the future of India and people. The paralysis does not lie in government decision making, the paralysis lies in Parliament where those decisions are not allowed to fructify through legislations”.

In addition to it, he suggested that, the reforms are essential if the country is to make the most of the increased demand for qualified manpower. By 2020, 100 million additional people will be part of the workforce from India only. By 2030 one third of world’s workforce will be provided by India. In an effort to counter the impression that the government was slow in taking decisions on the reform measures, Sibal said, “we have taken all the decisions (about the Bills) in the first one year, the rest is for all to see. All legislations were presented in the first year and it took two- and-half-year to go to the standing committee stage. Now when they come to Parliament after endorsement of the standing committee, we are not allowed to be voted upon and not allowed to be discussed”.

The concern was also expressed over the industry’s lack of involvement in the 12,000-odd private technical institutes in the country. He said people who had nothing to do with either academics or industry set up most of the institutes. “What was their objective? And the answer is these are business enterprises in education sector set up by non- academics and non-industry for the purpose of raking in money and delivering poor quality education.