Mangalore University to Digitise PhD Theses

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In a move to increase the credibility of research, Mangalore University has decided to host dissertation of PhD students online. The institution will be signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with INFLIBNET, which is assigned to host, maintain and make the digital repository of Indian Electronic Thesis and Dissertation through ‘Shodhganga’, a web portal accessible to all institutions and universities, by  the UGC. The university is yet to get a nod from Governor H R Bharadwaj, who is also the Chancellor of the university.

According to Prof T C Shivashankaramurthy, vice-chancellor, there has been an informal talk with INFLIBNET Shodhganga Director Jagadish Arora and only formality needs to be completed. We have ETD lab for the digitalisation of the thesis and may be a slight modification is needed. The university has no problem with the system, they can consider us as only a formality is remaining.

As reported by the Deccan Herald, once a university signs an agreement with INFLIBNET Centre for Shodhganga, they have to set-up ETD labs and appoint a coordinator (a senior academic professional (Librarian/Dean/Professor) to have a communication with the UGC. The university should provide the website, infrastructure, man power and if needed funds as well.

Apart from this, the UGC would allocate funds for digitisation of theses, establishment of ETD Lab based on some criteria. Funds will be given for the universities where 10 theses are submitted every year and where more than 100 theses are submitted in past. A committee will be established for the purpose.  Furthermore, a researcher should register himself on Shodhaganga website and create an account so as to submit thesis. In this process, the researcher is assigned a user name (e-mail ID) and password to register in the database that can be used for submission as well as for editing of submitted record and files. The files should be in PDF format.