Kapil Sibal: 30 percent enrollment in higher education by 2020

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Kapil Sibal

Kapil Sibal, the Union Minister for Human Resource and Development has targeted a 30 per cent enrollment in higher education by 2020 and private educational institutions would have to play a key role to achieve it.”I have set a target of 30 per cent enrolment in higher education institutions by 2020-end. Government-run schools and colleges alone cannot do it. If we have to achieve this target, private educational institutions will have to play an important role,” he said at a function.

Sibal mentioned that during his tenure the enrolment ratio has increased from 12 per cent to around 19 per cent. The difference between a developed nation and a developing nation is not the GDP, the difference is not a 14 trillion dollar economy versus a two trillion dollar economy, the difference is the number of children going to higher education institutions, he added.

according to him, the wealth of a nation is produced in universities where students develop ideas which become intellectual property. The investors later make pilot projects, services and other products from these ideas which are sold in the market. When we will have maximum number of students passing out from schools, the enrolment ratio will increase. We have set a target of 100 per cent retention in schools by 2020.