Published On: Tue, May 22nd, 2012

Technological Solutions to Indian Educational Institutes by Foreign Firms

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Education in India is undoubtedly one of the most important factors that impact the growth and development of a country as well as its residents. It has been receiving a remarkable wallet share from the Indians. The education industry in India is generally regarded as the only area in which people are not price sensitive because it had and is helping them to reach their present standard of living. It has witnessed a series of developments and changes in the last few years, which resulted in significant developments in the education industry. The urge to learn and touch heights, more and more students head towards foreign countries to earn respectable degrees.  While a large number of students are moving to different countries like United States of America for higher education, foreign firms offering technological solutions to educational institutions are finding space in Indian Education Market on a larger scale. According to the experts’ opinions, this trend of technological advancements in the educational institutes is strengthening globally. As per the information available, more than 75 percent of the USA universities are enjoying their enterprise resource planning solutions as compared to only 5 percent in India.

Tim Loomer, Chief Executive Officer of US-based Campus Management is of the view that Indian Education Market has lot of scope. It’s a huge market where the current technology is not able work with full potential, making way for international excellence. The various technological solutions would include bringing in more transparency, improving interactive standards between students and faculty, centralized views on academics and setting governance standards.

Rajendra Mrithyunjaya, MD of Talisma for Asia Pacific, Middle East and Europe states that the price range for the same campus technological solutions varies between India and USA. He adds the costs for offering solutions ranges between $150,000 and $1 million in India when compared to the cost in the USA which is around $1.2 million. The Talisman has recently signed agreements with five universities which include Manipal University and Bangalore University, followed by three others. Rajendra hopes to sign agreements with another six universities by the end of this year.