E-Education by global Bschool creates threat to indian management Institutions

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The developments in the field of higher education have grown remarkably. Experts are of opinion that these developments have come up with threats as well as opportunities to enhance the quality of Indian Management Education. One of the developments is the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) which can have a far-reaching effect on institutions of higher learning, including business schools. Open online courses are not new to the industry. In fact, the latest version of MOOCs has been offered by the best universities of the world without any fees like EDx initiated by Harvard and MIT, and Coursera (started by a couple of Stanford professors) which offers courses taught by award winning faculty from University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan, Princeton University and Stanford University. However, this initiative has again forced to look re-think over this concept.   Such courses are not merely pre-recorded lectures, rather they offer instructor interaction with students, student-to-student communication, virtual laboratories and e-text books.

Similar to traditional courses, they too require student registration, have a defined start and end date, require the completion of assignments, have grading systems and provision of certificate after completion. When ever, a new courses become available to anybody, anywhere in the world, there will be direct and indirect effects for business schools in India and the rest of the world. These MOOCs will have various benefits like the MOOCs taught by teachers will set new standards of quality education, it can become the basis of comparison by MBA students and in the light of which students might have increased expectations which will inturn force the teachers to come up with benchmarks of excellence. Business schools face the lack sufficient faculty which is an ongoing problem in India, to offer a wide variety of courses by allowing students to complete a course or two from a pre-determined set of MOOCs and earn degrees.

Looking around the trap of online education, business schools may need to rethink over their teaching models. They will need to provide new value-added features, so that high priced courses like MDPs i.e. Management Development Programmes for executives continuing only for 2-3 days to update their skills. In future, MOOCs could include shorter versions of MDPs that will compete head to head with offline mode MDPs. Overall, the arrival of MOOCs programmes at a global level from top ranked business schools can prove to be a method that produces broad positive changes in Indian Management Education, including higher quality in course content, course delivery and possibly an expanded selection of courses.