India: A Hub for Management Studies

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India has already created a niche for itself in IT education and the trend is likely to go in the case of management education. This is becauseĀ  more and more management aspirants are choosing India as their preferred study destination.As more students opt for specialised management programmes,the Indian business studies sector has witnessed a drastic growth over the last five years.

According to the sources, World Geographic Trend Report for Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) examinees,not only has there been a steady rise in the number of non-US citizens taking the GMAT exam,but Indian students have dominated this trend.

The report points out,Indians represented the largest citizenship group with the highest number of score reports sent per exam in 2011,accounting for 91 per cent of all exams taken for the year.However,what is more remarkable to observe is that a big chunk of these students are choosing India as their preferred study destination. Also, a large drop has been observed in the proportion of scores sent by Central and South Asian citizens to programmes in the United States and much of this shift is explained by increased interest among regional examinees to study in India,the United Kingdom,and Singapore. The report also observes that in most cases,prospective students are increasingly interested in domestic and regional opportunities.And with Indian students dominating test numbers,it is obvious that Indian B-schools can expect more takers in the coming years.