IIM Calcutta’s Faculty Lectures to be on YouTube

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The Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta’s has taken a very unique initiative. The faculty members in IIM Calcutta will now give lectures on YouTube. In a programme called Insight, the faculty members will lecture on topics within their core area of expertise which will be recorded in high definition cameras and then released on to the official link of the institute on YouTube. Insight is a series of interviews of faculty members.

The duration of each interview will be of 8-10 minutes and will feature a faculty member speaking on a topic. Five such episodes covering contemporary issues in management are being planned this year. Insight will be co-ordinated by the student run external relations cell of the institute.

In the very first episode, Anup Sinha from the Department of Economics will be seen speaking on the recent developments in the Indian economy. He will speak on the causes of the stagnation and the possible solutions to the problem. Chandra Deep Mitra will speak on contemporary marketing education in the second episode.

“I hope that the external relations cell will be able to produce at least one episode per month,” said Ashok Banerjee, dean (new initiatives and external relations) of the institute.