Scholarships to Indian Students

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Washington based Sikh Human Development Foundation (SHDF) has given scholarships amounting $210,000 to 504 needy students who pursuing higher education in 159 institutions in North Indian States in general and Punjab in particular for the 2011-12 academic year. The number of total scholarships has increased from 412 to 504 as compared to the last year. Out of this, 15 scholarships recipients belonged to farmers’ families where the farmer had committed suicide to escape the excruciating debt burden.

According to SHDF Chairman Amar Jit Singh Sodhi, there is an increased emphasis on female education in our programme mentioning that 69 percent of the total scholarships were awarded to female students and 31 percent to male students. Further, 52 per cent scholarship recipients were from rural areas and 48 percent from urban areas. SHDF has granted 2,373 scholarships since the programme was initiated in 2001 and 774 students have already graduated and have become professionals. It is heartwarming that some of the scholarship recipients have landed in multi-national companies or found top career jobs throughout India and overseas, he adds.

Rajwant Singh, SHDF’s Outreach Director said, in rupee terms, this year we have distributed more than Rs.1 crore as pure scholarship money. This is perhaps the largest single grant money given by the community to needy but bright students who dream of to stand on their own feet. SHDF is largely supported by donors from Washington Metro area and by many successful entrepreneurs throughout the US. It partners with Nishkam Sikh Welfare Council for implementing this programme in India, he added.