NAAC recommends Induction Training for College Teachers

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The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has recommended a mandatory Induction Training Programmes for all newly-appointed college teachers in all Academic Staff Colleges (ASC) across the country. The council, in its recent report, suggested that even teachers appointed on temporary basis, must get induction training. The report states that Faculty Induction Programme should be held soon after a teacher is appointed, both in public and private institutions.

The national body has now asked the Academic staff colleges to be renamed as Human Resource Development Centres (HRDCs). Academic staff colleges were set up by UGC after 1986 to conduct specially designed orientation programmes for newly-appointed lecturers and refresher courses for in-service teachers.

According to the report, the assessing impact of these programmes is very essential for continuous improvement. Each ASC (HRDC) should undertake research projects to see whether the objectives are realized and also to identify the gaps,” the NAAC committee’s report states. ASC (HRDC) have been told to have a dynamic website and an interactive portal for all its activities such as inviting applications, time table scheduling, selection of resource persons, feedback surveys and a repository of outstanding lectures delivered.

The NAAC committee has said that in many ASCs, directors are recruited on temporary basis and in some cases faculty members are given additional charge of director, which means they are not able to focus on the expected role they have to play. Innovation is unheard of in the ASCs which should be adequately focused for the benefit of the faculty, institution and the students to face the challenges of the present day globalized competitive environment.