AICTE: Research Park in Every State

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A research park is a research facility that is often linked with a major research university. There purpose is to create linkages between the university, industry and the community. To combine knowledge assets of a community with local business expertise in order to generate highly qualified individuals for high paying jobs is the reason behind the establishment of research parks. All India Council for Technical Education has decided to build research parks, one in each state, to promote research across industries.

According to S S Mantha, AICTE Chairman, the council would provide Rs 1 crore as seed money, while industry would have to provide a matching grant for the parks, to be set up on premises of an Institution, at least in a 3,000 square foot area. AICTE wanted such parks in every state, and the industry can form a cluster and do extensive research on their needs with the assistance of the selected institutions, he added. While expressing concern over the declining quality of higher education, Mantha mentioned that there is a need to create a curriculum so that both the sectors, higher education and industry can grow together to achieve the desired quality.

Nandhini Rangaswamy, Chairperson, Education Forum, CII Southern Region, said the industry chamber, in partnership with AICTE, has launched a survey of industry linkages of engineering institutes. Engineering institutes and engineering departments of the universities in six streams of Chemical, civil, computer and IT, electrical, electronics and communication and mechanical engineering are eligible to take part in the survey, she added.