Introduction of New Master’s Courses in UK for Indian Students

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The Newcastle University in United Kingdom has introduced quite a good number i.e. nineteen postgraduate and six master’s courses in the field of architecture, bio-medicine, bio-sciences , business and management, finance and accounting, civil and mechanical engineering and computer sciences. These are customized courses designed for Indian students as per their interest in the subjects. The university has been placed twelfth position in the world in terms of the number of students who are happy with their time at the university and recommend it for good education. Newcastle University is continuing to grow its portfolio of courses to appeal to an increasingly important international market. According to them, the rapid development in the field of management, bio-sciences, biotechnology, engineering and architecture in India has resulted in a huge market demand for skilled professionals in these disciplines.

The new courses started in 2012 include architectural design research, future landscape imaginaries, sustainable buildings and environments, diabetes, mitochondrial biology and medicine, oncology for the pharmaceutical industry, bio-informatics, neuro-informatics, computational systems biology, synthetic biology, management and business studies (research), finance and economics (research), biomedical engineering, design and manufacturing engineering, low carbon transport engineering, environmental and petroleum geochemistry, environmental consultancy and intelligent transport systems.

Along with the courses, the Newcastle University is also offering ten scholarships (NUIS-PG ) for the students to achieve high and to apply for postgraduate taught programmes within the faculties of science, agriculture, engineering, medical sciences at Newcastle University Business School, in the month of September, 2012. Apart from NUIS-PG, seventy Newcastle University International Postgraduate Scholarships (NUIPS) for international students have also been offered. To give flexibility to the students, the courses can be pursued full-time over a period of twelve months. A candidate whose first language is not English would be required to appear for IELTS exam and score according to the course prerequisites.