Published On: Sun, May 27th, 2012

CNR Rao: Quest for Science with Heart and Soul

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Jnana Degula, a two day education expo was jointly organized by Deccan Herald and Prajavani at the Palace Grounds, Bangalore. It brought together educationists, thinkers and resource persons at a common place for the benefit of students. It is a platform where students get valuable inputs to make the right academic choices. The event began with a series of lectures given by eminent personalities, including Prof. CNR Rao.

CNR Rao, a scientist by profession called upon students interested in opting science as a career. He said such students must give their heart and soul to the subject. The deadly requirement of what science needed today was people who think about the subject without primarily being driven by monetary aspects. Science has to be a way of life. He expressed concern for talented students in rural India who are not the focus of the mainstream.According to him, teachers in school play a very crucial role in teaching science to students. In support of it, there are so many engineering colleges, yet we have not been able to produce world class scientists.

Apart from him, there were some other experienced speakers who participated in this expo. Ashok Misra, Chairperson of Intellectual Ventures, India, shared his views regarding the role of creativity and inventions in higher technical education. The role of higher education is very significant in a knowledge economy. Many universities in the US have Indian professors in high academic posts, proving the benefits of quality education. As per him, by 2030, 90 to 95 per cent of youth will be in developing countries. The estimates reveal that there are 50 lakh students who complete their class 12th every year in India. This is equal to or greater than the total population of many countries. He said, even if 20 per cent of these students come out to be exceptionally brilliant, that means, nearly 10 lakh students would have achieved world class competency with quality education.

Dr Nanda Kishore Alwa, Pathology Professor, gave in some career tips to the students in detail regarding the procedures involved in Comed-K UGET counseling. The students who do not secure seats in medicine, should not get disappointed because health sector is a bowl of opportunities at present, he adds. The views given by all the speakers was united in a common point that asked students to identify their areas of interest and competency before they make a choice for a particular career option for themselves. Parents were also asked to understand the interest areas of their child and get them educated accordingly.