Published On: Mon, Mar 21st, 2011

University of Chicago to set up a centre in Delhi

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The prestigious A-list American university is in talks with university professors, experts and even real estate agents, as it gets ready to establish a centre in New Delhi. University of Chicago is planning to set up its centre in the capital.

UChicago has clearly stated that it will not immediately be handing out certificates and degrees.

“We are keen to not give the impression that any dilution of standards is being done, so we will approach the degree and certificates question slowly. But we hope to first use the strong academic tradition of Chicago, and be able to stage many different conversations between our faculty and students in Chicago and those in India,” said Professor Dipesh Chakrabarty, distinguished professor of history at UChicago who is leading the project in India.

The proposed centre will be on the lines of the newly-established centre of UChicago in Beijing that will give a push for the study of languages and Humanities.

While the search is on for a suitable site for the centre, the University of Chicago is conducting a two-day closed seminar in New Delhi on March 21-22, where Martha Nussbaum, renowned Professor of Law and Ethics at Chicago, will present a paper on the importance of Humanities. Other than Prof Chakrabarty, the president of the University of Chicago, Robert J Zimmer, is also scheduled to be present. From India, physicist Dr Shobhit Mahajan and historian Dr Shahid Amin would present a paper each on what is wrong with the Indian education system and what its needs are.

“What is good about the proposed centre is that unlike a teaching shop, it will focus on using the immense resource base in India of undergraduate teachers and help them to renew skills and research opportunities, by allowing them to continue in their jobs and not necessarily physically relocating them,” said Amin, who has been part of the brainstorming team for the centre.

The centre will give a platform to students and teachers from Chicago and India to understand developments in both the countries.

[Source: Indian Express]