Published On: Tue, Aug 16th, 2011

11th Plan is an Education Plan: Manmohan Singh

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Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh while addressing the nation on the occasion of 65th Independence Day said, “the government has decided to appoint the commission to make suggestions for improvements at all levels of education,” as the vocational education and skill development acquired new importance and needed “major changes”.

The Prime Minister said, “We are satisfied with our achievements in the last seven years in the areas of education and health. Whether it is elementary education, secondary education or higher education we have taken concrete steps for improvements at all levels. This has shown good results. In the last few years, fundamental changes have taken place in the area of education. Today every citizen has a right to elementary education. We are now considering universalization of secondary education. Vocational education and skill development have acquired a new importance. In view of these major changes, it is necessary that we consider all aspects of education in a comprehensive manner. Therefore we have decided to appoint an education commission to make recommendations for improvements at all levels of education.”

As per Right to Education (RTE) Act which came into existence in April 2010, education is free and compulsory up to eighth standard and with universalisation of secondary education it will be free and compulsory up to tenth standard.

“I have often referred to the 11th Five Year Plan as an education plan. We will lay the same emphasis on health in the 12th plan as we laid on education in the 11th plan. I will propose to the National Development Council that the 12th plan should be specially focused on health. I also promise that funds will not be a constraint in the important areas of education and health,” he added.