Published On: Thu, Mar 10th, 2011

Sibal: Budget hike won’t help education sector

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The 24% hike in the budget allocation of the education sector will not prove to be fruitful because what is needed is a change in mindset, said Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal while participating in the EDGE conference in New Delhi.

“A 24% budget hike will not help the education sector. It is not just money allocation that we need, the country needs a change in mindsets involved in teaching, the quality of education and the education provider,” Sibal said at the inauguration of the three-day Emerging Directions in Global Education (EDGE) conference in the capital.

“To change the dimensions of higher education in the country, we need a whole new crop of teachers who are responsible and willing to teach from their hearts,” the minister added.

The annual EDGE conference brings together the heads of higher education institutions from all over the country, including vice chancellors, directors and educationists, to interact on policy making in the higher education sector.

“While focusing on higher education, we also need to think of the diluting quality because of mushrooming institutes. The ministry has often done checks in such private institutions where the entire faculty is hired for a very short period to lure students,” Sibal said, referring to the money minting business in the education business.

[Source: Hindustan Times]