Published On: Fri, Nov 25th, 2011

NAAC Director Rangnath says Indian Universities not at global standards

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Prof. Ranganath

Prof. Ranganath, Director - NACC

According to a news report in Times Of India,  National Assessment and Accreditation Council ( NAAC) Director H A Ranganath, has asked stake holders to introspect why Indian universities are not on a par with global standards?

” There is a dire need to introspect where we have gone wrong and unless quality issues are addressed, there can be no hope for improvement,” he said, speaking at 27th convocation ceremony of Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore.

Ranganath addressing the students said that if one wants to succeed in today’s world, he has to be prepared to compete effectively in the global arena. He urged them to work with conviction and dedication, and have compassion for fellow human beings.

“Universities propagating specialized subjects like law, medicine, engineering and languages have proliferated and have added to the diversity and plurality of the system. The genesis of mono-faculty universities has led to a plethora of problems,” noted the governor in his speech. Criticizing such universities, he said that the mono-faculty system lacks representation in other fields of study and thereby it is not a holistic approach in imparting knowledge. Traditional universities have been deprived of major disciplines and the very concept of a university has been dented, he said.

P Palaniappan, Minister for Higher education, said, While China has 2,236 higher education institutes, India has just 602 institutes. Only 13.5 per cent of students are pursuing higher education. While in China 22.11 per cent of students are taking up higher education,” he said.