Published On: Tue, Jun 21st, 2011

India will need 500 mn skilled people by 2022: Kapil Sibal

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Union Minister for Human Resource and Development Kapil Sibal has said that India will need 500 million skilled people and 250 million graduates to sustain double-digit growth by 2022. The minister was speaking at the inaugural session of The Annual Skills Summit 2011.

Sibal said that the need of the hour is to solve the problem of skills shortage in the country. He emphasized that this challenge is at the top of his agenda.

The minister elaborated that despite of 56% school dropout every year; there are 40 million children who enter class high school. And since government will be pushing to acquire zero dropout rate this number is expected to grow exponentially. Therefore, we need to train our youth to be employable. The honourable minister asserted to overcome this skill shortage, development must be integrated with the education system. And while sector specific interventions are laudable, they are not enough.

Kapil Sibal announced that the HRD Ministry will be launching National Vocational Qualification Framework in a month’s time. And stressed that “the skills development programme needs collaboration with state governments, municipalities, sector skills councils and industry.”

Sibal also stressed on the need to continuously upgrade the curriculum as per the industry requirements which are dynamic.

He stated that by “global demographics standards, ultimately the engines of global economy are going to be powered by human capital from India.”

[Source: Economic Times]