Published On: Mon, Mar 28th, 2011

Navratna Universities to face quality audit every 5 years

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The proposed “Navaratna Universities” – India’s own Ivy League will have to undergo quality review every five years by the government and statutory bodies like the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG).  Only those universities which will ensure strict adherence to the exemplary standards will enjoy a set of special privileges, including the power to penalize non-performing faculty members.

India’s Ivy League will enjoy powers like freedom to start start any programme of studies and invite teachers from all over the world.

“Though the number of universities that will become Navaratna is not yet decided, it is proposed that they should be reselected and reviewed every five years. There would be a broad list of UGC-supported institutes first and they would then be short listed,” said an official in the human resource development ministry.

As per the draft of the Ivy League Universities, the selection of these Navaratna universities will be made from the University Grants Commission (UGC)-supported universities after going through strict set of parameters for determining excellence. These criteria pertain to ranking of institutions by accrediting agencies, quality of teaching, programmes and courses and distinction in research.

A HRD panel headed by Seyed Hasnain, vice-chancellor of the University of Hyderabad, to look at the way these universities would be selected and shaped.

In January, HRD minister Kapil Sibal had said that these universities will be free from the government control which would be achieved by measures including generous financial support and access to external funding.

“We are working on the concept of having Navaratna universities or an Indian Ivy League. We intend to nurture these select universities, like the public sector Navaratnas, by generous financial support, freedom in accessing external funding and total autonomy so as to free them from the shackles of government control,” Sibal had said.

The concept of Ivy League institutions is very common in the foreign countries. US, Australia have eight such institutions while Germany has nine Universities of Excellence.

[Source: Indian Express]