Brilliant Tutorials signs up CL Educate as a platform partner

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CL Educate enters tie-up with Brilliant Tutorials

Brilliant Tutorials (BT), the Chennai based leading test preparation company, has signed up with CL Educate (Career Launcher) as a platform partner for the North and East India including about 20 states of the country according to a press statement issued by the companies. BT currently has over 8000 students from this geography undertaking courses for all kinds of competitive examinations like IITJEE, Pre-medical test, Civil Services, etc,.

As per the agreement, CL Educate from January 2012 will be the platform and go-to-market partner for BT beginning January 2012. The academic research, content, academic practices and procedures will come from Briliiant Tutorials, while Career Launcher will be responsible for the delivery of services across this geography.

Mrs Vasanti Neelakantan, Managing Director, Brilliant Tutorials said “One of the guiding principles that I have used is to look for a partner who would help us nurture the future generations of young aspirants just as Brilliant has done. We could not have asked for a better partner than CL in this current challenging environment with passion and commitment”

Satya Narayanan, Founder and Chairman of CL Educate, said “Our generation has grown up on Brilliant Tutorials as a brand. Over 30,000 IIT alumni over the past 40 years owe their success to Brilliant Tutorials. It is an extremely valuable brand for CL to partner with. We believe that the brand virtues that BT brings can help us do wonderful work with students across the country”

This arrangement does not include any change in the ownership aspects of Brilliant or CL Educate.

Brilliant Tutorials is a four decade old

Chennai based leading test preparation company, offering courses for all leading competitive examinations like IITJEE, Pre-medical test, Civil Services etc. It currently has over 40,000 students. It holds Contact Programmes in 14 cities and towns, while Model Tests are conducted in as many as 44 centres across India.

CL Educate is a leading broad-spectrum education company founded by a group of IIT – IIM alumni with activities ranging from test prep, vocational training, K12-schools and higher education. CL educate is headquartered in Delhi and services over 100,000 students this year.