Published On: Thu, Jan 14th, 2010

RNCOS: Demand for Medical Education will continue to boom

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According to RNCOS, a market research and consulting firm, despite the continuous growth in Indian medical education sector over the past few years, the country has not been able to adequately meet the constantly growing needs for medical professionals in the country. These are the findings of its latest research reportĀ “Indian Education Services – A Hot Opportunity”.

According to the report India has been witnessing remarkable growth and developments in its higher education sector, owing to emergence of the country as a service-oriented economy. In line with the development of various services industries including banking, healthcare and retail, increasing demand for various kinds of technical and medical education courses has been rising in the country in recent years. Although India offers tremendous growth potential for variety of higher education degree/diploma courses, medical education service market has emerged as the most lucrative segment of the industry.

The report states thatĀ  This is reflected in the shortage of healthcare service professionals i.e. doctors and nurses among others, with extensive disparities existing not only between urban and rural India, but also between various states of the country.

The research’s demand-supply model indicates that if India wants to increase its doctors to patient ratio to the global average of 15, the country would require several million more doctors to meet the growing demand for healthcare services. A similar demand is expected for nurses in the country over the next few years. Thus, there is an urgent need to expand medical education system in India while keeping into consideration the quality issues in providing medical education.