Published On: Wed, Jun 23rd, 2010

More Autonomy proposed for Higher Education Institutions

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A government panel has suggested making higher education free from the government control.

A roundtable panel, constituted to review the proposed autonomy of the Central Educational Institutions, has suggested the government to give more autonomy to these institutions, so that they could hire the best and competent faculty with higher remunerations.

The panel is of the view that these higher educational institutions should be given authority to spend money on such projects without any hitch and hesitation.

The panel, under the Chairmanship of Human Resource Minister Kapil Sibal, opined that even for a normal proposal, the Central educational institutions are fully dependent on the grace and favour of the concerned Ministry, which is not in the interest of institutional developments.

“These institutions can’t hire the best faculty due to lesser remunerations fixed by the government. Internationally-acclaimed faculty can’t join these institutions for the meager payment”, opined the panel adding that for the purpose these institutions should get free hand for getting help from corporate world too, which is ready to do so.

The panel has suggested that besides appointment of the best faculty, the corporate world is interested to invest in research field also, and the Ministry should give green signal for the same.

HRD minister Kapil Sibal has asked Higher Education Secretary Vibha Puri Das to set up a committee to look into the issue of providing “partial autonomy” to higher education institutes to enable them to be flexible in matters of salary for faculty, funding specific projects without having to rush to New Delhi for approval from the Ministry.

The committee, to be formed shortly, will consider the parameters of autonomy to institutions. It will submit its report in three months after which the Ministry will need to seek Cabinet approval before the institutes are given this flexibility in financial matters.