Published On: Mon, May 24th, 2010

Lovely Professional University to tie up with Finnish Universities

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Lovely Professional University is in discussion with three Government Finnish Universities to explore  possibilities of collaborative and multilateral exchange programmes to Finland.  As a  part of discussions senior representatives from the universities visited Lovely’s campus and met the Chancellor , Vice-chancellor and Executive Dean of LPU.

Dean Elina Martin & Rector Elisabeth Malka from Vaasa University Of Applied Sciences ; Director Harri Mikkonen & Programme Director Kaija Saramaki from North Karelia University of Applied Sciences and Vice- Rector Mervi Vidgren & Maija Suhonen from Savonia University of Applied Sciences explained the main areas of specializations of their related universities which included the Engineering and Energy Industry, International Business and Business Studies .

One of the visiting representatives, Ms Elisabeth Malka, said : “The objective defined by the Ministry of Education of Finland to be able to send students abroad on an exchange, has become necessary for Finnish institutions of higher education to intensify their efforts to internationalise their campuses.”

During the discussions the universities of both sides agreed to the collaboration of a students/faculty exchange programme.

On this occasion, the Chancellor of LPU, Ashok Mittal, said: ” It is better to understand the timely importance of the trans-nationalisation of education. In the present scenario of a continuously increasing intelligence quotient, especially of professional students, the key issue for us is to produce internationally relevant human resource. This is only possible if the Indian counterparts work with foreign counterparts jointly .”