Published On: Fri, May 28th, 2010

CII – KPMG survey reveals education gaps

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A joint study conducted by the Industry body CII and KPMG,  the leading consulting organisation has revealed that north India will require approximately $84 billion to meet the demand-supply challenges in its skill and education sector. And to catch up with the rest of India, especially the south and the west. “The road map to industrialisation in north India should be in tune with an effective delivery mechanism of skilled manpower and environmental consciousness,” outlines the report. The report advises north Indian states to focus on development of education standards and ensure that the working age population meets emerging global demands. This would be instrumental in transforming India into a knowledge superpower. “Currently, the northern region trails the western and southern regions significantly, with an overall literacy rate of 60 percent as against the 69 percent and 71 percent in the south and the west, respectively. Therefore, education and skill infrastructure in the region needs to be upgraded,” the report states.

Available demographic data suggests that by 2016, there would be 106 million people in north India between the ages of 15 and 24 years.

This implies that around 33.4 million students would enter higher, and vocational, education in the region. Furthermore, the report outlines that the current number of ITIs (per 100 sq km is 1.7) in the north, in constrast to 4.7 in the south. “North needs to upgrade its education system and build capacity,” the report states.