Published On: Mon, Jan 25th, 2010

ISCOM launches program in golf management

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The International School of Corporate Management (ISCOM) has launched a programme in golf management by integrating its existing post graduate management programme with the Golf Management programmes of its knowledge partners, Elmwood College, St. Andrews, Scotland, UK. The aim of this programme is to provide a range and depth of knowledge to run a golf operation as a successful business venture, said Prof Keshav Rae Director of ISCOM.

“We see great potential for such candidates to be absorbed into the growing golf industry in India and South Asia. We specially invite Golf Courses all over India to avail this incredible opportunity and sponsor candidates who can get trained and go back to their golf clubs as mangers, ” he added.

The PGPGM will be for two years over four semesters of six months each. The last semester will be a six month “apprenticeship and on the job” training programme at any one golf course in Scotland which will be arranged through Elmwood College.

Brigadier Dileep Gole (Retd) who has been involved in golf course design, golf project management and golf education for over eight years and heads his own company Ace Golf Foundation will steer this project.

A Golf Course facility built around a premium golf course and a Country Club can have an investment up to Rs. 100 Crores. Its operations could be worth another Rs.100 Crores per year.

Such a facility will include the operation of the golf course itself which involves a large number of specialized activities such as daily play, tournaments, marketing, member facilities, upkeep and maintenance of machinery and equipment and maintenance of turf grasses.

The overall operation will also involve managing the associated activities such as F&B, hospitality, house keeping, swimming pool, tennis courts, squash courts, party and events and HR related issues concerning manpower, legal and compliance matters.

Such a facility requires managers with an in depth knowledge of all the facilities and services that a golf and country club provides, the technical aspects of operations and maintainance and the management skills to create an integrated profitable operation. So far the managers of these facilities have been ‘on the job’ self taught individuals. With the changing business environment golf operations have to move into the hands of managers who know the business of golf as well and the game of golf equally well.